RESTORE Act Vote Today - Contact Senator Rubio Right Now!

Has Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) changed his mind about the RESTORE Act (S. 1400)? A bill he has supported for the past 6 months?

Now this legislation is in amendment form and also guarantees funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

**BREAKING NEWS: this amendment will be voted on this afternoon.

Suddenly, Senator Rubio has made it clear that he is undecided on this critical legislation. Your call right now can make a difference.  We only have until 2:00 this afternoon so please call now: 202-224-3041

Tell the Senator that Floridians want him to vote YES on Nelson(FL)-Shelby-Landrieu #1822 (RESTORE). Thank you!

**UPDATE: Audubon Florida is in contact with Senator Rubio's offices on this important issue. Keep your calls coming. 

**UPDATE 2: Senator Rubio voted against the amendment, which passed in a 76-22 vote. Click here for more information.

How you can help, right now