Thank You: Your Emails to the Brevard County Commission are Helping Immeasurably

At the workshop on March 31, three Brevard County Commissioners, including the Chairman, continued to express strong concerns and questions regarding the proposed landfill in St. Johns River floodplain wetlands just east of the county line and north of U.S. 192. Two commissioners appeared to side with the Solid Waste Department Director and express some level of support for the landfill.

The three hours allotted for the workshop on March 31 were not adequate to accommodate all of the presentations that commissioners wanted to hear. For that reason, the workshop was continued until a future date in May (not announced yet).

In the meantime, Audubon Florida, Deseret Ranch, and Deer Park Ranch have requested an additional continuance of time with regard to petitions for a formal hearing should such be necessary, and Brevard County has agreed to that continuance.

We will alert you and offer another opportunity for you to contact the Brevard County Commission on this issue once the new date for the continued workshop has been announced.

Again, thank you for your time and effort to contact the Brevard County Commissioners – we know it is making an important difference!

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