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Florida Climate Change Advocacy

Make sure the local government response to climate change helps Florida's coastal wildlife.

By burning fossil fuels and releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, humans have significantly contributed to global climate change. Climate change poses serious consequences for our communities, economy, health, environment, and safety, and is the number one threat to birds in North America.

We already know what we need to do to help the birds we love: protect the places birds need now and in the future. And we already have the solutions: energy efficiency, green infrastructure, and renewable energy can give us a world with clean air and water. These solutions create safer, healthier communities, save taxpayer dollars, generate high-paying, steady careers, and protect our natural resources.

One of the most important things we can do to minimize the effects of climate change is to make sure we are shifting our energy sources to renewables. Learn how solar generation facilities in Florida make good neighbors.

In addition to taking personal action at home, we must urge action at local, regional, state, and federal levels to address the root causes of a changing climate. Here are some ways to get engaged:

  1. Much of the progress at local and regional levels is driven by communities of individual Floridians, advocating for their homes and neighborhoods. Audubon Florida offers training, webinars, and other tools and resources for chapters and members who want to hone their advocacy skills, deepen their climate knowledge and make real gains for climate resilience. Email to learn more. 
  2. To make it easier for Floridians to engage their cities and counties on these issues, Audubon Florida has created a Model Ordinance Toolkit that provides citizens with examples that can be taken to their councils and commissions for adoption.  
  3. Get engaged with our state and federal climate policy work by signing up for The Advocate, Audubon Florida’s newsletter.
  4. Subscribe to and review past Climate Roundups, a bi-weekly eblast to subscribers, only. 

Together, we can work to do the right thing to create a better present and build a better future – for the birds we love, for our beautiful natural spaces, and for all Floridians. Audubon Florida members contributed more than 2,400 photos of what they hope to protect in their communities, from beautiful birds to natural landscapes. We brought those images together in this collage representing Florida’s most iconic species. Click here for a PDF version.

climate collage
Natural Climate Solutions collage.


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Audubon Climate Advocates Coming to a Community Near You!

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