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Staff Directory

Please send all wildlife questions and general comments to flconservation@audubon.org. 

Florida State Office
4500 Biscayne Blvd., Ste 350 Julie Wraithmell, Executive Director
Miami, FL 33137 Emoy Suarez, Finance Director
305.371.6399 Celeste De Palma, Director of Everglades Policy
  Suzanne Bartlett, Development Director

Victoria Johnston, Development Manager, Foundation and Donor Relations 


Helen Marshall, Development Manager


Alison Niescier, Development Associate

  Laura Aguirre, Conservation Organizer 
  Anny Loffredo, Finance Coordinator
Policy Office
308 N. Monroe St. Julie Wraithmell, Executive Director
Tallahassee, FL 32301 Marianne Korosy, Ph.D., Director of Bird Conservation

Jacqui Sulek, Chapter Conservation Manager

  Erika Zambello, Communications Director
  Renee Wilson, Communications Associate

Adrienne Ruhl, Contract & Grants Manager

  Beth Alvi, Director of Policy
  Halle Goldstein, Conservation Organizer
Florida Coastal Islands Sanctuaries 
410 Ware Boulevard, Suite 702 Ann Paul, Tampa Bay Area Regional Coordinator
Tampa, FL 33619 Mark Rachal, Sanctuary Manager
Coastal Program Coordinators
North Florida region Carly Landa, Pensacola Beach Steward
  Alex Lappin, Navarre Beach Steward
  Savannah Penney, Nassau Sound Anchor Steward
  Bonnie Samuelsen, Shorebird Program Manager/Eastern Panhandle
  Rebekah Snyder, Panhandle Rooftop Biologist
  Caroline Stahala, Ph.D., Shorebird Program Manager/Western Panhandle
Southwest Florida region Kara Cook, South Pinellas County Anchor Steward
  Adam DiNuovo, SW Florida Shorebird Project Manager
  Jeff Leichty, Tampa Bay Rooftop Biologist
  Elimelec Medina, Three Rooker Island Stewardship Coordinator
  Holley Short, Tampa Bay Area Shorebird Project Manager
  Kylie Wilson, Sarasota Stewardship Coordinator
Lake Okeechobee Watershed Campaign Office
P.O. Box 707 Paul Gray, Ph.D., Everglades Science Coordinator
Lorida, FL 33857 Doug Gaston, Northern Everglades Policy Analyst
Everglades Science Center
115 Indian Mound Trail Jerry Lorenz, Ph.D., State Research Director
Tavernier, FL 33070 Lucille Canavan, Office Manager
Audubon Center for Birds of Prey
1101 Audubon Way Katie Gill Warner, Director
Maitland, FL 32751 Dianna Flynt, Rehabilitation Supervisor
407.644.0190 Laura VonMutius, Education Manager
407.644.8940/fax Kristen Kosik, Conservation Leadership Institute Program Associate
  Shawnlei Breeding, Audubon EagleWatch Program Manager
Central Florida Policy Office
407.620.5178 Charles Lee, Director of Advocacy
Northeast Florida Office
904.325.9940 Chris Farrell, Northeast Florida Policy Associate
Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
375 Sanctuary Road Lisa Korte, Ph.D., Director
Naples, FL 34120 Kristina O'Hern, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator
239.348.9151 Sarah Lathrop, Development Manager
  Kathleen Howle, Corkscrew Friends Membership Specialist
  Marshall Olson, Director of Conservation
  Shawn McCrohanAssociate Director, Blair Audubon Visitor Center
  Brad Cornell, Southwest Florida Policy Associate
  Shawn Clem, Ph.D., Research Director, Western Everglades Research Center
  Allyson Webb, Senior Resource Manager
  Lee Martin, Research Technician
  Scott Svec, Resource Manager
  Sally Stein, Director of Public Programs
  Debbie Lotter, Education Coordinator
  Kathleen Shepard, Office Coordinator
  Roswitha Marold, Retail and Sales Manager
  Ulli Trainer, Assistant Retail and Sales Manager
  Gio D'Achiardi, Facilities Manager
  Pete Stelzer, Facilities Assistant

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