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Spring 2017 Update from Florida Audubon Society Chair Jud Laird

Dear Audubon Members and Supporters,

Living in South Florida, I am surrounded by beautiful waterways. From the Miami River, to Biscayne Bay to the Atlantic Ocean, water is seemingly everywhere. But it’s also a treasured resource for Floridians. All of us depend on this natural resource for survival, and it’s important for us to focus on water for birds, wildlife, and humans. Impacting water policies is one key aspect of our work, but policy alone won’t be enough to address these challenging issues. Audubon and our partners:

  • Engage the public on water management and water quality issues;
  • Restore habitats along rivers, wetlands, and coasts; and
  • Explore practical solutions with all stakeholders that contribute to the achievement of our water goals.


Audubon has a proven track record of working with local, state and federal government agencies to protect and conserve Florida’s water supply. Our team sounds the alarm when bad decisions are being made and activates our action network when government isn’t listening. We also let decision-makers know when they’ve made the right moves by recognizing their good work. In an ever expanding state, Florida must manage its water resources appropriately.

Water for Florida’s Future is a topic that you’ll hear us discuss often. In fact, our next Audubon Assembly will focus on this very important subject. You know this, but mismanaged water resources threaten our drinking water supply and our birds. I say this often, but I am proud to support Audubon’s hardworking staff and scientists who are doing the research necessary to identify the problems and offer solutions. I hope you’ll join me in supporting their endeavors as well, and do your part to conserve one of our most precious resources.

With appreciation,

Jud Laird
Florida Audubon Society

This update and more are featured in the Spring 2017 edition of Audubon Florida's Naturalist magazine. 

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