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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (February 9, 2018) - Today, Florida Power & Light commissioned their newest solar power plant in DeSoto County, Florida. Audubon Florida Interim Executive Director Julie Wraithmell attended the celebration and spoke in favor of the expansion of zero-emission energy production. Audubon Florida strongly supports the expansion of solar power in the Sunshine State and has spoken out against efforts by the federal government to expand oil and gas drilling off the coasts of Florida. At the conclusion of today's event in DeSoto County, Wraithmell said:
"Solar is a clean source of energy that doesn't burn any fuel, doesn't use any water, and doesn't emit any pollution. Yesterday, federal government officials hosted their only Florida meeting in Tallahassee to engage the public on dangerous oil and gas drilling off of Florida's coasts. Audubon stands firm in our opposition to offshore drilling, and it's fitting that today we're showing our proud support for expanded solar energy in Florida.
"We cannot risk our coastal communities, natural resources, and economic vitality with the dangers of oil and gas drilling off of our coasts. Instead, we should be looking to the future with renewable and safe energy options like today's commissioning of a Florida Power & Light solar power plant in DeSoto County.
"Audubon looks forward to continuing our work together to ensure that Florida Power & Light's solar plants not only provide clean energy solutions for Florida but also benefit the local communities and wildlife where they are built."

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