Ahhochee Hill

Conserving habitat is fundamental to conserving birds. To that end, Audubon of Florida owns over 70 properties in 27 Florida counties, protecting a diversity of habitats with varying degrees of accessibility.

Our sanctuaries include our nature centers which open their boardwalks, trails and educational programs to the public. Others are less suited to public access. Urban oases like the Mary Krome Sanctuary near Homestead and the Colclough Pond Sanctuary in downtown Gainesville provide important habitat for native wildlife. Larger tracts include the Big Econlockhatchee River parcel in Orange County and the 400-acre Laidlaw Sanctuary in Washington County.

Florida's natural areas are threatened like never before. Creating a land sanctuary is a gift to the future of Florida.

Some of our cornerstone Audubon of Florida sanctuaries, made possible through the generosity of our donors, include:

To inquire about our sanctuaries, offer a land gift or donate funds toward the management of these lands, please contact Charles Lee at 407/644-0190.

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