Audubon Center for Birds of Prey

Eagle Eyes on the Environment Education Program

Ever wonder how we can have a more positive effect on the world around us? Eagle Eyes on the Environment, a new education and outreach program, was created to deliver relevant and impactful conservation programming engaging participants in learning and actions related to water, energy and habitat conservation. Using the iconic Bald Eagle as a symbol for a healthy environment, the project builds on the theme of The W.E.B. of Life: Water, Energy and Birds are All Connected. 

Participants in this program will meet four of our magnificent bird ambassadors as they learn how the choices we make at home can have an effect on birds in the wild. Participants Learn about what makes a habitat and why having a habitat is so important.  This program inspires individuals to be advocates for wildlife while enjoying an interactive presentation with our birds of prey.

Group Size:

10-30 individuals per group.  


Grades 3-5

Program  Length:

approximately one hour


$100 per group- At the Center

  $200- At your location
State Standards:

SC.3.L.15, SC.3.L.17, SC.3.P.10, SC.4.L.17, SC.4.P.10, SC.5.L.15, SC.5.L.17, SC.5.P.10


A minimum of three weeks notice preferred. Contact the Education Department via email or by phone 407-644-0190.

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