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Green Buildings

Green Building Program

Green Buildings. Photo: Canva
Green Buildings. Photo: Canva

Green Building Program

Ongoing research continues to show that adopting green building construction and renovation standards can have a significant impact on the carbon footprint of a municipality. Outdated and inefficient green building standards increase local government operating costs, higher consumer energy costs, a significant increase in energy consumption, costly building maintenance, and contribution to the heat island effect, and sea-level rise.


  • Mandatory implementation of any new building projects, reconstruction projects, and land development projects that are owned, operated, and/or financed by the state.
  • Identify a nationally recognized green building certification standard that meets the needs of the municipality.

Sample Model Ordinances

Miami-Dade County
9-75; All new construction, major renovations/remodels, and non-major renovations/remodels of County-owned buildings must adhere to standards that are based on nationally-recognized rating systems.

Charlotte County
3-2-85; Buildings that get certified by a nationally-recognized green building rating system will be provided certain benefits such as fast-tracked permitting, marketing incentives, and possibly monetary incentives. 

63-2; All new buildings with 25,000 square feet or more interior must meet the nationally recognized green certification programs. Buildings that receive this certification will enjoy the benefits of reduced permit, inspection, and impact fees, and expedited permitting

27-2406; Buildings that get nationally-recognized certifications may receive grant waivers to the building standards and land development regulations of the town Code.

New Smyrna Beach
26-1105; The city uses LEED standards of the USGBC, GBI's Globes rating system, Green Lodging, FGBC Green Building Standards, FGBC Green Development Standard, and the Florida Friendly Landscaping standards to evaluate the construction of the building. It is then determined at what ranking you are certified to receive benefits such as reduced permit and planning reduction fees.

Boynton Beach
The City’s Sustainable Development Standards Ordinance (19-027) requires eligible new development and redevelopment projects to incorporate a number of sustainable design features including electric vehicle supply equipment, white roofs, LED outdoor lighting, and more.

Div.6.14; The City is implementing a Sustainable Building Program. Provides incentives such as expedited and rebated permit fees, fast-tracked development review, awards, recognition, and signage for buildings that comply with state or nationally recognized certification standards (FGBC green building standards, GBI's Green Globes rating system, Energy Star standards, etc.)

Palmetto Bay
Sec. 5-56; Minimum Green Standards for all commercial, mixed-use, and government projects. All new development, remodels, and tenant improvements are absolutely required to incorporate minimum design standards that include but are not limited to: bicycle parking requirements, implementation of a recycling program, LED outdoor lighting, energy-efficient windows, energy star appliances, and more.

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