Painted Bunting standing on a branch
A multi-colored bird standing on a branch

Painted Bunting. Photo: Lorraine Minns/Audubon Photography Awards.
Painted Bunting. Photo: Lorraine Minns/Audubon Photography Awards.


Welcome to Audubon Florida

Protecting birds and the places they need since 1900.

Birds tell us that a healthy environment is key to our future quality of life. At Audubon Florida, we combine science with common-sense policy solutions to build a more resilient future for both wildlife and people. 

How? Good question!

- By partnering with more than 45 chapter organizations across the State of Florida to advocate for and implement grassroots solutions.

- By welcome visitors to our Center for Birds of Prey in Maitland and our Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Naples.

- By combining cutting-edge research throughout the Everglades with almost a century of long-term monitoring.

- By pounding the pavement in the state capitol to advocate for conservation, clean water, climate resilience, and more.

- By hitting the beaches year-round to help vulnerable sea and shorebirds raise their chicks.

What Can You Do?

Look for birds in your neighborhood! Cities, suburbs, and rural areas all have unique bird neighbors. 

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How you can help, right now