Audubon’s Write for Climate Program Primes Pen of Next Generation

Letters to the Editor and op-eds give a voice to college students across Florida.

Audubon Florida is empowering the next generation’s voice in advocating for birds and the places they need. Our innovative “Write for Climate” program was designed to work with students to write op-eds and Letters to the Editor (LTEs) to influence issues in their local communities.

Write for Climate gives students the tools they need to advocate for crucial climate topics, including natural climate solutions, conservation, and renewable energy. The program spans three to four months: a typical semester. Upon program launch, students receive resources and a brief training on the value of op-eds and LTEs in the current media environment. Audubon staff outline how to use opinion pieces to move the needle on public discourse for the issues about which the students are most passionate. Students receive direct feedback from Audubon Florida’s climate and communication teams to refine their writing skills before submitting their work for publication. In addition to advocating for conservation and climate change policies, op-eds and LTEs offer opportunities for students to polish their persuasive writing and add accomplishments to their portfolios before graduation. 

Since the program’s launch, Audubon has teamed up with college students and CLI participants to publish 16 op-eds and LTEs across the state. 

“My favorite part was certainly the reception — it was very positive and has led to tangible advancements in my work, as I am now a board member of Suncoast Waterkeeper,” explained Orion Morton, an alumnus from the New College of Florida.

Audubon Florida is expanding this opportunity to include new schools, programs, and participants by partnering with Audubon Campus Chapters, dual-enrolled students, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and more around the state for the current fall semester.

Article first appeared in Audubon Florida's Fall Naturalist magazine.

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