Audubon Celebrates the Florida Department of Transportation's Decision to Abandon Northern Turnpike Extension Routes, Focus on I-75

Today, Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Jared Perdue announced the agency’s decision to drop the study of four Northern Turnpike Extension routes that would have jeopardized state conservation lands and had drawn opposition from local communities and conservationists alike.
“We are already seeing creative solutions in Central Florida to expand I-75 for the future," said Julie Wraithmell, Executive Director of Audubon Florida. “Unlike new roads, these solutions could be achieved without any new impacts to conservation lands or the need to take Floridians’ farms and homes through eminent domain.”
“The 2019 M-Cores Task Forces found no need for new ‘greenfield’ turnpikes opening up Florida’s farms, ranches, and rural areas to sprawl,” said Charles Lee, Audubon’s Director of Advocacy. “FDOT’s decision to concentrate on I-75 improvements is a Win-Win solution all around.”

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