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Audubon Celebrates Next Phase of Tamiami Trail Project

Miami, FL (April 22, 2016) –Audubon Florida will join U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and other federal and state restoration leaders in celebrating today’s kick-off event for the Tamiami Trail 2.6 mile bridge. This bridge is the largest in a series of bridges planned to allow more water to flow into the wetlands of Everglades National Park and south to Florida Bay.

Since constructed in 1928, Tamiami Trail has blocked the Everglades’ natural north to south flow of water. Scientists have long recognized the bridging of Tamiami Trail as one of the central needs of Everglades restoration. With a one-mile bridge already in place, constructing the next bridge will put another piece of the restoration puzzle in place.

For more information about this important restoration project and its ecological benefits for wading birds and other Everglades wildlife, please download Audubon Florida’s fact sheet at


“This Earth Day kick-off event for the next 2.6 mile Tamiami Trail bridge marks another important milestone in our journey to help restore the abundance of wildlife in the Everglades,” said Julie Hill-Gabriel, Audubon Florida’s Director of Everglades Policy. “For nearly a century, Tamiami Trail has cut off the natural water flow that makes the Everglades one of the richest ecosystems on Earth. Each bridge on Tamiami Trail brings us one step closer to true restoration.”


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