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Audubon Florida Releases 2020-2021 EagleWatch Report

Annual publication details Bald Eagle nesting and conservation efforts in Florida.

MAITLAND, FL – Oct. 1, 2021 – In honor of the first day of the Bald Eagle Nesting Season for 2021-22, Audubon Florida has released the 2020-2021 EagleWatch Report. The report is published annually to showcase results from the only consistent, statewide Bald Eagle nest monitoring effort in Florida and provide updates on banding research, new challenges, and results of Audubon’s policy efforts. More than 500 volunteers throughout Florida are involved with Audubon’s EagleWatch program.

The good news is that their population numbers are on the rise.

“The eagles showed us yet again how resilient they are,” said EagleWatch Program Manager Shawnlei Breeding, “carrying on to nest in often less-than-ideal situations and posting productivity numbers that are consistent with a stable population in our state.”

Articles in this issue include:

  • Bald Eagle Populations Are On the Rise
  • Partnerships are Key to Success for Eagles Nesting on Man-made Structures
  • From Rescue to Resight, Two Eagles are Soaring High
  • Celebrating the 2021 Bald Eagle Nesting Season at Center for Birds of Prey in Maitland

The report has been published annually since 2015. Back issues can be found here:

The Audubon Center for Birds of Prey tends to more than 700 injured raptors each year. Since the Bald Eagle's removal from both the federal endangered species list and the state’s imperiled species list, Audubon Center for Birds of Prey programs have been critical in tracking information on the wild population of eagles. Through the Center’s rehabilitation programs, the Center has had a direct impact on Florida’s current eagle population, either through direct rehabilitation or through the offspring of birds treated and released by the Center. Since 1979, our team has released over 600 rehabilitated Bald Eagles back into the wild.

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