Audubon Florida Staff, Board, and Chapters Travel to D.C. for America’s Everglades Summit

Audubon staff and board directors joined Everglades Foundation colleagues and Everglades advocates in our nation’s capital to advocate for America’s Everglades. The group urged Congress to increase restoration funding in the 2019 budget and to approve of the EAA Storage Reservoir project expected to be included in the Water ResourcesDevelopment Act of 2018.

“Floridians know and love the Everglades, but the iconic ‘River of Grass’ isn’t just an ecological treasure for Florida. It’s an American treasure. While attending the Everglades Foundation’s America’s Everglades Summit, we spoke to government leaders to encourage increased funding for restoration projects and for protection of this important national treasure.” - Lois Kelley, Audubon Florida Board Director

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