Audubon Works With Northern Everglades Cattle Ranchers on Sustainability

Audubon Florida Executive Director Eric Draper joined by Director of Advocacy Charles Lee and Director of Development Margaret Spontak participated in an event held by Darden Restaurants on August 20. The luncheon featured a program with the Florida Cattlemen’s Association and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, and to discuss the environmental sustainability of the Cattle Industry.

During the event, Eric Draper introduced Case Wohl and Bob Mayworth, representatives of Rafter T. Ranch, Recipient of Audubon Florida’s 2013 “Sustainable Rancher Award”. Audubon is recognizing ranchers who take noteworthy actions to help restore the Northern Everglades. Rafter T. Ranch has been a leader in the efforts to store and clean water on ranchlands in the Northern Everglades.

Eric Draper also served on a panel during the event, discussing environmental sustainability with Wes Williamson, incoming President of the Florida Cattleman’s association and Dr. Kim Stackhouse, Director of Research for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

Audubon is working with ranchers to increase habitat protection and water storage in the Northern Everglades. Audubon’s efforts with ranchers in the Northern Everglades began over 50 years ago with collaborative efforts to save the Bald Eagle population on the Kissimmee Prairie.

For more information on Audubon's work in the Northern Everglades, please click here.

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