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Baby Season Recap at the Center for Birds of Prey

Spring means young owls, hawks, and more!

During baby season (March – June) at the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey, we annually admit more than 200 young patients that need our help. Babies require many hours of work for multiple feedings, loads of laundry, treatments, food, and more food.

Our goal is to reunite these babies with family units, which can include a return to a nest, taking a platform or basket to replace a damaged nest, or sometimes fostering into a wild nest. However, the best scenario is for babies to be raised by their parents. 

Raptors arrive to us from concerned and caring individuals, who may have found a baby that has fallen from its nest and needs help. Others come from Animal Control officers, rehabilitators, and a small volunteer rescue team. Though we remain closed, we currently have an outdoor intake area for drop offs.

Babies keep arriving! As of May, more than 30 baby birds are being cared for in the Center’s Raptor Trauma Clinic and many are waiting for their return to the wild.

How you can help, right now