Banner Year for Everglades Restoration Funding

Audubon celebrates record highs at both the state and federal levels.

Setting aside the extraordinary coronavirus situation we are all experiencing, 2020 has been an incredible year for Everglades appropriations, with record-highs at both the state and federal levels. From Governor DeSantis’ call for recurrent, aggressive funding for water projects with special emphasis on water appropriations to further Everglades restoration, to historic federal appropriations, this level of funding underscores the significance of Everglades restoration in securing Floridian’s wellbeing and prosperity.

Audubon will continue advocating for this top-level of funding to be sustained into the near future to guarantee accelerated completion of key Everglades projects that will yield immediate results in improving our waterways. Another priority will remain preserving full funding of important Everglades monitoring and research programs, which Audubon has rescued from proposed budget cuts for the third year in a row. 

Finally, we will continue to work towards funding for the operation and maintenance of existing restoration infrastructure.

How you can help, right now