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April 3: Solar power at Tallahassee Community College, new emissions standards for heavy-duty trucks, benefits of heat pumps, and more. 

March 14: The effects of climate change on migratory birds, how solar panels are cooling a Florida basketball court, the connection between climate change and human health, and more.

Feb. 27: The University of South Florida’s Flood Hub, how Los Angeles is improving access to EV chargers, a change to EPA’s “Scope 3” emissions rule, and more.

Jan. 30, 2024: How pollinators can benefit from solar farms, Cedar Key’s resilient shoreline, a new solid-state battery for electric vehicles, and more.

Dec. 13: A challenge to the wetlands rule, progress made on climate change, the benefits of living shorelines, and more.

Nov. 15:  A new solar facility coming to Martin County, a new climate “tech hub” designation for Southeast Florida, why Georgia is one of the states most vulnerable to climate change, and more.

Oct. 3: Making solar panels in the U.S., how the U.S. power grid survived the summer heatwave, Brightline’s new hub in Orlando, and more.

Sept. 8: Solar energy, reducing building emissions, using social infrastructure to build resilience, and more.

August 14: The cost benefits of driving an EV, enhancing resilience at Tyndall Air Force Base, a plea for climate action from Amazon nations, and more.

August 7: A special Audubon climate roundup, with news about our new five-year plan for addressing climate, the Audubon Birds and Transmission Report, a hot-water record at Everglades Science Center, and more.

July 21: Recycling oyster shells in Louisiana, government support for small businesses, flood relief for Central Florida, and more.

June 28: A Florida town’s work to adapt to sea-level rise, the federal government’s investment in carbon capture and storage, a dire warning about the U.S. energy grid, and more.

June 15:  How climate change caused a shortage of Georgia peaches, how the Electric Vehicle industry is adding more Florida jobs, how to help Florida’s outdoor workers, and more.

June 1: The Supreme Court’s overturn of wetland protections, how curbside recycling makes climate sense, why sea walls are not the answer, and more.

May 13: Wind turbine recycling, stronger paper bags, more risky heat days in 232 U.S. locations, and more.

April 28: A green energy storage system, a new blend of gasoline, how coastal bird habitat was impacted during the 2022 hurricane season, and more.

April 13: A “fly-in” meeting in D.C. attended by Audubon Florida’s Senior Director of Policy, new sea level rise legislation, stronger hurricanes predicted for Florida, and more.

March 28: Birds and offshore wind, the consequences of rising seas, a new climate report graphic from the UN, and more.

March 15: A hybrid artificial reef for Miami Beach, the untimely arrival of seasonal allergies, a guide to EV tax credits in Florida, and more.

March 3: Renewable energy sources by state, an Indigenous community leading a renewable transition, the largest mangrove restoration in Florida, and more.

Feb. 17: A rational approach to a green economy, why we need to cut emissions drastically, a sea-level rise toolkit, and more.

Feb. 3: The role of renewables, resilience assistance for Miami’s low-income residents, health risks associated with a warmer Florida, and more.

Jan. 5, 2023: Clean energy technology is curbing emissions, new electric postal trucks, the value of sea oats, and more

Nov. 13: Urban trees under threat, why we should take climate change more seriously, how Ford Motor is working to offset job losses, and more.

Oct. 13: Climate preparedness in Southwest Florida, a new hurricane resiliency, how Miami is protecting the environment and its economy, and more.

Sept. 13: A new solar energy canopy in Pinellas County, how electric vehicle prices are coming down, some (cautiously) good news about climate change, and more.

Aug. 25: A novel approach to air conditioning, why we should pay more attention to heat waves, improvements in Florida building laws since Hurricane Andrew, and more.

Aug. 16: The new Inflation Reduction Act, an explainer about how the CHIPS and Science Act can reduce emissions, a new drone for hurricane resilience, and more.

July 21: Solar panel recycling, how energy-efficient homes often sell for more money, the fastest warming states, and more!

July 8: The value of mangrove forests, a new super battery that can withstand extreme temperatures, an important action you can take to combat climate change, and more!

June 28: An opportunity to meet some climate entrepreneurs as well as news about the importance of natural areas in absorbing impacts of storm surges and flooding, how sea level rise might impact Marco Island, the latest heat wave, and more!

June 2: The 2022 Hurricane Season, funding for resilient small businesses, capturing carbon with kelp and antacids, a warning about the U.S. electric grid, and more!

May 13: Today we share an op-ed by our Executive Director Julie Wraithmell about why better seawalls aren’t the answer to sea level rise, news about a roadway that can charge your Electric Vehicle, how climate change increases the risk of tree death, and more!

April 21: Today we share news about the need for equitable funding for community carbon removal, ways Florida communities are reducing emissions, how climate change impacts archaeological sites, and more!

April 8: Today we share news about the Tampa Bay Regional Resiliency Leadership summit, tracking climate change from space, a social media platform that is taking on climate misinformation, and more!

March 25: Today we share news about a new “Green Power Partner” in Florida, FEMA money for resilience, why Dixie is the new “Tornado Alley,” and more!

March 16: We need your voice on rooftop solar! If you haven't already, fill out our Action Alert to send to Governor DeSantis. Read on for news about a climate change plan for Florida, how EV rules in California could affect the rest of the U.S., the worsening health of the Amazon rainforest, and more!

Feb. 25: This week we share news about a legislative plan to reduce the cost-effectiveness of rooftop solar, ways Miami-Dade County is enhancing infrastructure resilience, the one group of people Americans trust on climate science, and more! 

Feb. 15: This week we share news about federal dollars for Florida infrastructure, improving resilience at Florida Army bases, more EV chargers coming to Florida roadways, and more!

Jan. 31: This week we share news about how electric trucks could save lives, a federal grant for air force base resiliency, a wrap-up of the third costliest year for weather disasters, and more! 

Jan. 21: This week we share news about improving resilience in the Everglades, how trash management can reduce emissions, the role of climate change in this week’s southern snowstorms, and more! 

Jan. 6, 2022: This week we share news about new electric buses for Pinellas County, what climate change means for Florida strawberry farmers, how climate change strengthened the Colorado wildfire, and more!

Dec. 9: This week we share news about the need for EV infrastructure, the potential for a wind boom in the Gulf of Mexico, the private sector’s role in winning the climate change battle, how heatwaves are killing seabirds, and more!

Nov. 19: This week we share news about new electric vehicle charging stations for Florida, how clean energy can save lives, a $1 billion pledge to protect Florida from effects of climate change, and more!

Oct. 30: This week we share news about solar power for 1 million Florida homes, progress on emissions reductions, how managed retreat could help rural communities, and more!

Oct. 13: This week we share news about driving EVs in rural areas, a sea-level rise study on the First Coast, a new living shoreline project for Escambia County, and more!

Sept. 22: This week we share news about solar panel innovation, making EVs accessible to all drivers, food emissions, how climate change alters lives, and more!   

Sept. 9: This week we share news about Orlando’s new EV readiness code, Hurricane Ida’s effects on communities across the country, new heat records set in Florida, a microgrid partnership, and more!   

Aug. 26: This week we share news about a new EV with a longer range, the world’s largest solar battery in Manatee County, an explainer on the recent flooding in Tennessee, and more!

Aug. 13: This week we share news about the doubling rates of sea-level rise, sunny-day flooding, an update from the IPCC, how $3.46 billion will be spent on climate mitigation in the U.S., and more!

July 29: This week we share news about a new battery that could slow climate change, the link between climate change and forest fires, the decreasing cost of owning an electric vehicle, a visualization tool for forest carbon, and more!

July 16: This week we share news about a new solar roof, the costliest “sleeper" hurricane of 2020, how heat can affect our infrastructure, a new study about the value of tree canopy, and more!

June 25: This week we share news about Florida leading the Southeast in solar energy, how the Southwest Florida coast is teaming up to fight climate change, a Juneteenth event about climate justice, and more!

June 16: This week we share news about climate change in Florida’s legislative budget, a guest column from Executive Director Julie Wraithmell, a new Chief Heat Officer for Miami, the impact of the internet on climate, and more.

May 25: This week we share news about solar energy in the Panhandle, the Southwest Florida climate compact, the importance of elevation in real estate, and more!

May 6: This week we share news about natural climate solutions, a bill that encourages more solar power in Florida, EPA plans to limit GHG emissions, and more!

April 23: This week we share news about a budding solar town, ending subsidies, electric vehicles, boosting sea-level rise resilience, a tax break for property owners, and more!

April 7: This week we share news about the new infrastructure bill, stronger hurricanes, electric vehicles in Florida, and more!

March 24: This week we share news about the Southwest Florida Climate Compact, energy efficiency, a bill to fight flooding in Florida’s coastal communities, and the rising cost of insurance.

March 10: This week we share news about a Florida House plan for sea-level rise, solar energy, an Electric Vehicle coalition, icy temperatures’ impact on gas prices, and more.

Feb. 25: This week we share news about renewable energy, sea-level rise projections, rejoining the Paris Accord, and more.

Feb. 16: This week we share news about energy jobs in Northwest Florida, impacts from rising sea levels, how allergy sufferers might be affected by warming temperatures, and more. 

Feb. 4: This week we share news about how climate change can affect your health, a Florida plan to address sea-level rise, renewable energy bills in the Florida Legislature, and more.

Jan. 27: This week we share news about Greenhouse Gas inventories, reaching the electric vehicle tipping point, recently-published books about climate, and more.

Jan. 9, 2021: This week we share points of view about blue carbon, an update on creating a statewide resilience strategy, exciting news about renewable energy projects, and more.

Dec. 21, 2020: This week we are featuring news about a grant program for sea-level rise in Miami, a drop in electric vehicle battery costs, FPL’s SolarNow program, and more!

Dec. 5, 2020: This week we are featuring news about hybrid vehicles, flood risks to low-income homes, how Coronavirus relief plans can combat climate change, and more!

Nov. 3, 2020: This week we are featuring news about clean energy, new solar plants, a new mobile flood tool, electric vehicles, and more!

Oct. 9, 2020: This week we are featuring news about electric vehicles, measuring hurricanes, how Generation Z approaches climate change, and how sea level rise deepens the social divide in Miami.

Sept 16, 2020: This week we are featuring news about the Southwest Florida Climate Compact, solar net metering, sea-level mitigation priorities in the Florida legislature, and more!

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