Everglades Restoration and Climate Change Adaptation Highlighted in President's Climate Action Plan

In late June, President Barack Obama spoke about his historic Climate Action Plan, the second climate action plan in U.S. history, preceded only by the Clinton-Gore Climate Action Plan nearly twenty years ago in October 1993. The President's Climate Action Plan could not have emerged at a better time since as the President noted, "the twelve warmest years in recorded history have all come in the past fifteen years", with last year reigning as the warmest year of all. Accordingly, the President emphasized the need for immediate action to not only address the effects of existing climate change through resiliency, but also curtail future climate change by changing current energy practices.

The President focused on the integral role of wetlands in climate change resiliency by underscoring the need to ". . . protect the dunes and wetlands that pull double duty as green space and as natural storm barriers." In particular, the President highlighted Everglades restoration as an adaptive measure for climate change by reaffirming the federal government's partnership ". . . with the State of Florida to restore Florida's natural clean water delivery system - the Everglades."

You can watch this section of President Obama’s speech here:

Jump to timestamp 32.30 for Florida comments.

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