Florida Adds 225 Megawatts of Solar Energy

Florida Power & Light expands solar energy, reducing carbon emissions and water waste.

Florida Power & Light commissioned 225 megawatts of new solar energy this week in South Florida and committed to building eight new solar power plants by early 2018. Solar energy produces zero carbon pollution and uses no water. Solar, along with water/ energy conservation and highly-efficient use of natural gas, will help reduce Florida’s greenhouse gas emissions. 
Eric Draper, executive director of Audubon Florida, attended the announcement and celebrates this move by Florida's largest solar energy provider.
“It’s the most exciting thing that’s happening in Florida this year. A year ago, I stood here as Florida Power & Light broke ground on this solar site, marking the start of the installation of 1 million solar panels that are now producing zero-emissions energy,” Draper said. “This new South Florida solar facility is capable of producing as much energy as a coal-fired power plant. An additional eight new solar energy centers are a major step toward reducing carbon emissions and saving water, benefiting the earth and all Floridians.”
Audubon encourages all Floridians to recognize how Water, Energy, and Birds are connected in a WEB, conserve energy/water, and promote efficient energy production and water use. For more, visit

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