Getting Out and About During a Florida Summer? Tips and Tricks from the Audubon Florida Team

Water, wildlife, shade, and insects.

Summer is an intense time to do fieldwork in Florida, especially in the wetlands of Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary and on beaches around the state. Our team has shared some tips and tricks to stay safe during challenging conditions.


Gio D’Achiardi, Facilities Manager: “Water is a big must even if it’s a short trip… you never know when you will get stuck or break down.”

Pete Root, Land Management Technician, agrees: “We carry at least a gallon of water.”

No, seriously. Bring water. Holley Short, Shorebird Program Manager, says it best: “Bring LOTS. OF. WATER.”

A little bit of ice can go a long way. Adrienne Ruhl, Contracts and Grants Manager, recommends freezing your Gatorade, while Kara Cook, Rooftop Biologist, suggests bringing ice packs.


Shawn Clem, Director of Research at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, and Interim Director of Conservation: “With high water levels in the summer I always remind folks that the same things they saw in the dry season are there in the wet season, and more: trip hazards, snags, snakes, and alligators."


Shade is paramount. Root adds that his team is completely covered, head to toe, while Allyson Webb, Senior Resource Manager, adds: “We use bimini tops for shade on swamp buggies. I also now have a rechargeable, portable fan that fits perfectly on the bimini to help with heat and bugs.”


Speaking of insects, Rochelle Streker, Shorebird Program Manager, warns of their bites: “Add Benadryl to your first aid kit! It isn't always included but can be an important and life-saving medicine when dealing with allergies (like bees, plants, and other things you encounter outdoors).”

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