Help Rescue Florida’s Coastal Birds

The disastrous spill and leakage of oil from the sunken Deepwater Horizon oil rig is drifting toward Florida’s Gulf Coast. Help rescue Florida’s coastal birds. The 3,200-square-mile slick is just miles from Florida’s pristine, westernmost Panhandle beaches.  If efforts to stop its progress fail and oil continues to drift toward us and along the peninsula, it could harm birds, seagrass beds, coastal marshes, and eventually the mangrove islands off the Florida Keys. View the birds at risk of an oil spill.

You can take action in many ways:

1. Volunteer to rescue injured birds and to clean oil off Florida’s beaches and other coastal areas.

2. Sign the petition opposing state and federal plans to expand oil drilling in Florida’s water.

3. Contribute to our special fund to rescue birds injured by the oil spill and underwrite advocacy so this never happens again.

4. Recruit your friends and family to join Audubon’s response efforts.

Your time and money can make the difference.

Add your name, address, telephone and email address to Audubon’s rescue volunteer registry. Should oil make landfall on Florida’s beaches, Audubon will function as a clearinghouse, connecting local members of the volunteer registry with oiled wildlife response leaders for your area’s beaches.

Sign the petition calling on President Obama, Governor Crist and other public officials to drop proposals to expand oil and gas exploration near Florida’s coastal areas.  They cannot ignore thousands of Floridians standing together like we did at our statewide Hands Across the Sand rallies February 13th.

Contribute to our special fund to rescue oiled wildlife, should it become necessary, and underwrite advocacy to Protect Florida’s Beaches and our coastal birds and wildlife.  Your money will be used exclusively to fund wildlife rescue and treatment and to tell national and state decision makers that Florida’s coast is too important to put it at risk from dirty and dangerous oil drilling.

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How you can help, right now