M-CORES Meetings this Week

Where to leave public comment, talking points, and more.

Three important M-Cores turnpike task force meetings will be held August 25-27.
You MUST make your public comments at least one day in advance.
August 25: Southwest – Central Florida Connector (Naples to Lakeland)
August 26: Northern Turnpike Extension (Wildwood to some point on the Suncoast Connector)
August 27: Suncoast Connector (Citrus to Jefferson County
What will Audubon be saying?
  • Specific places should be avoided during road planning processes for environmental reasons. While there are avoidance maps shown on the Department of Transportation M-CORES website for each task force study area, there may be conservation lands or environmentally sensitive areas that are not included on these maps. Your voice could make the difference whether or not these areas are protected!
  • When planning roads, "co-location" is the best environmental option, whether expanding existing roads, or using other major linear corridors like electric transmission lines.
  • The three new turnpikes could cost over $20 billion. Are they even financially feasible? A recent report by "Florida Taxwatch" casts doubt on the financial feasibility of the M-CORES projects. See the report here.

Click here to see the meeting schedule and to make your public comment.

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