New Funding Coming for Everglades Restoration

The White House announced the largest ever investment of federal funds for Everglades restoration in January, followed by another historic presidential budget request to Congress in March.

Great news for the Everglades! 
Nearly $1.1 billion will be provided to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Program to support projects this year. This funding comes from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill that was signed into law in November 2021 and represents a sweeping investment in the world’s largest ecosystem restoration project – America’s Everglades. Additionally, $407 million in President Biden's budget proposal could be allocated to restoration projects.
"The Biden Administration’s request for $407 million is another record-breaking number for Everglades restoration," explains Kelly Cox, Audubon's Director of Everglades Policy.
"This funding would primarily support the EAA reservoir – the single most important project for benefitting multiple parts of the Everglades. When complete, the EAA will provide an outlet to store and treat water before it is sent south to the Southern Everglades and Florida Bay where that clean fresh water is desperately needed. Today marks an important milestone for the EAA reservoir and we are excited about the promise that this budget request holds. There has been historic bipartisan support of Everglades restoration and we are hopeful that, with the Florida delegation’s continued leadership, Congress will meet the call and provide an additional surge of funding for the Everglades."

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