Is Oil Spill Response Damaging Wildlife? Call Now

If you see oil spill response or preparation harming Florida’s natural resources or wildlife, call a new sensitive areas hotline at 251-445-3009 today.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) have established a new sensitive areas hot line for citizens to report oil spill preparation or response activities that may be causing damage to natural resources—wildlife or their habitats.

Beach dependent and nesting birds are particularly sensitive this time of year. Because of the urgency with which local governments, coastal property owners, state agencies and BP contractors are engaging on spill response, coordination has not been perfect. As a result, confirmed reports have been received of damage to natural resources from preparation activities in areas where oil has not and hopefully never will make landfall.

If you witness spill prep or response-related activities that appear to be damaging Florida wildlife or habitats, we encourage you to call the new sensitive area hot line. Also, send Audubon details and photos if possible to

The sensitive areas hot line is 251-445-3009.

How you can help, right now