Audubon Assembly

Read Audubon Florida's 2022 Conservation Action Agenda

Hundreds of conservation leaders, Audubon members, and Audubon staff participated in Audubon Assembly to set Audubon Florida’s 2022 Conservation Action Agenda. Twelve resolutions – seven regional and five statewide – provide guidance on priority issues and conservation efforts. The agenda provides members, chapter leaders, directors, staff, and the public with summary statements of our policy and conservation positions. The 2022 Conservation Action Agenda is the only statewide conservation agenda in Florida that uses an open process to set its policy agenda with all stakeholders invited to participate. Regional priorities unite Audubon Florida chapters in seven regions. State priority issues integrate with National Audubon Society’s strategic plan.

Audubon Florida's Conservation Action Agenda centers on these themes:

  • Coastal Conservation
  • Water
  • Climate
  • Working Lands
  • Bird-friendly Communities

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