Seminole County Joins the East Central Florida Regional Resilience Collaborative

by Halle Goldstein, Conservation Organizer.

Great news! Last week, the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners unanimously voted to join the East Central Florida Regional Resilience Collaborative.

Seminole County joins as the twenty-eighth jurisdiction, and sixth county, in the Collaborative; cities, towns, and counties that join commit to collaboratively identifying and addressing the effects of climate change, such as sea level rise, intensifying hurricanes, and erosion. Members of the Collaborative jointly work on initiatives such as reducing carbon footprint, risks and vulnerabilities utilizing emergency management, and increasing efforts toward sustainability, region-wide.

Prior to joining, Seminole County participated in Audubon Florida and the East Central Florida Regional Resilience Collaborative’s first Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Cohort where cities, towns, and counties paired up with a student from one of three different universities in the region to create Greenhouse Gas Inventories. Regional collaboratives are instrumental in both accelerating the state’s resilience work and serving as a conduit for future funds and programs.  

Seminole County’s leadership and care for climate issues is important for the region’s ability to protect its natural resources and bolster its resilience in our changing climate.

Thank you to the Audubon Florida advocates who reached out to their commissioners in favor of joining the Collaborative!

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