Species Spotlight: Knight Anole

Knight Anoles, native to Cuba, are being spotted more and more throughout South and Southwest Florida. Larger than the green and brown anoles most Floridians are familiar with, Knight Anoles can reach 13 to 20 inches in length (they are often thought to be small iguanas). They are bright green with a yellow or white stripe over the eye and the shoulder. Eating primarily insects and small lizards, they also sometimes prey upon frogs and nestling birds.

While little can be done to control them once they become locally-established, homeowners and landscapers should be aware of this species to avoid spreading them to new locations.  Audubon Florida encourages the use of IveGot1 to report sightings of Knight Anoles to help track their spread.

You can help early detection and tracking efforts by reporting any non-native species you see by calling 1-888-IVE-GOT-1 if you have a live animal in front of you).

How you can help, right now