Step Forward in Ongoing Everglades Restoration

The C-43 Reservoir will improve water quality and work toward preventing algal blooms in the Caloosahatchee Estuary.

Audubon was thrilled to celebrate an important Everglades restoration milestone this week in Hendry County – the completion of a new pump station for the Caloosahatchee Reservoir Project!
Also known as the C-43 Reservoir, this 18-square-mile water storage project will hold 170,000 acre-feet – around 55 billion gallons of water! This will aid in water quality treatment and will also reduce harmful flows of water to the Caloosahatchee Estuary.
“We are encouraged to see progress on this reservoir project,” says Southwest Policy Associate Brad Cornell, “We have seen a significant water storage capacity decline over generations of wetland loss and this project is an important step to restore that capacity, to assure clean and healthy estuarine waters, and to guard our coasts against flooding."
The C-43 Reservoir is expected to be fully operational by 2025.

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