Support Audubon's Legislative Efforts: Make Your Birdathon Pledge Today!

It's that time of year again—Birdathon—when Audubon staff and friends put our binoculars where our mouths are (well, not literally) and get back to our birdwatching roots. For those not familiar with this traditional Audubon fundraiser, we spend the day—from before sun-up to after sundown—beating the bushes for every species of bird we can possibly identify. What we ask of you is to throw down a gauntlet for us: sponsor us at a set amount or for a bigger challenge, an amount per species—making us earn every penny in exchange for Hooded Warblers, Brown-headed Nuthatches, Bald Eagles and more.

This year, our whirlwind "Big Day" is planned for SATURDAY, APRIL 10, and here in Tallahassee we hope to see between 130 and 160 species (weather, migration and stamina willing!). Your pledge will not only egg us on (pun intended), but will help support core Audubon of Florida policy work.

Whether it's 2 cents or $2 a bird, every pledge can help make a difference for Florida's natural resources (and is tax-deductible to boot). Pledge now via email, and we'll let you know the week of April 12th how our team fared, with all the juicy details!

How you can help, right now