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Two Special Places Were Saved Today - The Latest on Florida Forever

Tell Us: What Special Places Matter to You and Why

After testimony from Audubon Florida’s Eric Draper today, state officials approved two important land conservation projects- totaling more than 6,400 acres saved from development! The projects include the acquisition of a conservation easement of more than 6,000 acres within the Old Town Creek Watershed Florida Forever project and the purchase of the Blue Springs parcel, a 407-acre property in Gilchrist County. Now, these special places will be preserved and keep their historic beauty for generations to come. 

These projects are just two examples of why lawmakers need to fully fund land conservation programs like Florida Forever. Voters overwhelmingly passed the Water and Land Legacy Amendment in 2014 that provides land conservation funding. But the Florida Legislature has failed to provide adequate resources to conservation programs like Florida Forever and has instead defunded conservation for the next fiscal year.  

We need your help to restore land conservation funding and save Florida's special places. Officials continue to prioritize and slate projects for conservation. But with no funding from the Legislature, new projects cannot be approved.  

Check out the state's action plan approved today for Florida Forever. Pay special attention to projects in your favorite places. Help us make the case to lawmakers to restore conservation funding! Find your favorite projects and email to let us know:

  • Why are you excited about this project?
  • What kind of wildlife benefits does this project provide?
  • Does it provide water quality benefits or secure water supply?
  • What would we lose if this land was lost to development?

Stay tuned during the next few months to continue advocating for the places that make Florida special.

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