Looking for Creative New Revenue Sources to Fund State Conservation Programs

In a lunch meeting with Audubon and other groups in the conservation community Monday, Senate President Jeff Atwater expressed concerns that the current budget outlook means there’s not enough money to fund Florida Forever and other environmental needs without new sources of revenue. A long-time friend of Florida Forever, he has challenged the conservation community to come up with new revenue sources to help improve the budget outlook and conservation funding by association. Special thanks to Thom Rumberger, Esq., of the Everglades Trust for convening this audience with Senate President Atwater.

Which brings us to you. In the same way that increased cigarette taxes have been suggested to offset budget shortfalls, we’re asking our members and supporters to make similar suggestions of revenue sources for the environment. Leave your suggestions as a comment below. Weigh in on the pros and cons of other suggestions. Ask your friends and family to weigh in as well. The more ideas, the better.

How you can help, right now