Audrey's head shot

Audrey DeRose-Wilson

Director of Bird Conservation

For the last two years, Audrey has been the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Florida Shorebird Program lead and supervised its regional nongame biologists. Prior to FWC, she worked as a Shorebird Biologist and Avian Program Manager for the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife where she notably managed the volunteer-based Delaware Shorebird Project that entailed capture, banding, data collection and analysis of migratory shorebirds, including federally threatened Red Knots. In this role, Audrey also represented the State of Delaware on the Atlantic Flyway Council, Atlantic Coast Joint Venture, and several Association of Fish and Wildlife Agency committees. Prior to Delaware, she also worked as a research scientist for Virginia Tech studying the post-storm population dynamics of Piping Plovers. In addition to her extensive background with waterbirds, she has substantial banding and conservation experience with passerines (esp. grassland birds).

She earned a M.S. in Fish and Wildlife Conservation from Virginia Tech and a B.S. in Zoology from Michigan State. 

As Audubon Florida's Director of Bird Conservation, Audrey will focus her efforts on bird conservation and policy, including overseeing Audubon’s coastal and Florida Scrub-Jay conservation partnerships with agencies and other organizations and leading grant-based fundraising with public and private foundations for both programs.

Articles by Audrey DeRose-Wilson

Jay Watch Report 2023: A Letter from Audrey DeRose-Wilson

Jay Watch Report 2023: A Letter from Audrey DeRose-Wilson

— Jay Watch co-coordinator and Audubon Florida's director of bird conservation looks back on another successful year.