Coastal Conservation

Coastal Report 2023: A Letter from Audrey DeRose-Wilson, Director of Bird Conservation

Friends and Supporters,

Florida has been shaped by hurricanes for millennia. Historically, our long and varied coastline has been dynamic under the force of storm surges and strong winds, sand movement and pounding waves. But today, climate change is supercharging hurricanes. In the 2023 nesting season, as we observed the effects of 2022’s Hurricane Ian, we were relieved that the largest hurricanes of 2023 hit near the conclusion of the summer nesting season. 

Our beaches and barrier islands are also, often irrevocably, shaped by development, human disturbance, and sea level rise. Audubon biologists and volunteers protect nesting species on busy beaches by seeking innovative partnerships to protect the birds and places they need while collecting and publishing critical data to inform our future management and monitoring work.

To our staff and volunteer coastal team, thank you for your efforts on behalf of sea and shorebirds. Cheers to an upcoming and busy 2024 season!

This letter appeared in the 2023 Coastal Report

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