Everglades Brewers Council: Frequently Asked Questions


Sounds awesome. How does my brewery join?
Firstly, thanks for your commitment!  If you’d like your brewery to join the Everglades Brewers Council, fill out our sign-on letter. We’ll follow up with you to welcome you into the coalition and share next steps. 
I have a few questions. Who do I talk to? 
Email laura.aguirre@audubon.org with any Everglades Brewers Council questions or to learn more. To join the council, please click here.
Conservation is important to me, but I don’t have a lot of free time. What’s the time commitment? 
We all have a lot of important demands on our time. Breweries in the council can choose which actions to participate in based on their principles, interests, and availabilities. 
I’m not a brewer, but I want to get involved. What can I do? 
Check out Audubon Florida’s conservation opportunities. Not seeing anything that seems like a good fit for you? We’d love to hear from you and chat about how you can engage—email laura.aguirre@audubon.org to get the conversation started. 

How you can help, right now