Earlier today, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of Florida in the long dispute regarding Georgia’s over-consumption of water that severely threatens the health of the Apalachicola River watershed and estuary. The case now returns to the Special Master to review the allocation of water between Florida and Georgia. Audubon released the following responses:
“We’re glad to see the justices stand with the people and wildlife of the Apalachicola, whose survival depends upon the health of this special place. While the dissenting justices set a high bar, we are optimistic about the Special Master revisiting Florida’s case.” – Julie Wraithmell, executive director, Audubon Florida
“Water is necessary to life, and people and wildlife at the bottom of a watershed have just as much right to it as those at the top. We hope that with this ruling, Florida, Georgia and Alabama can work together to address these shared issues fairly and with the urgency that Apalachicola’s dire situation warrants.” – Julie Hill-Gabriel, vice president of water conservation, National Audubon Society

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