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Audubon Florida Applauds Obama Administration’s Commitment to the Everglades

Vice-President Joe Biden’s visit marks pivotal restoration moment

Today Vice-President Joe Biden will visit the Everglades to oversee progress on the critical restoration projects authorized by President Barack Obama. Audubon Florida applauds the administration’s commitment to the protection and restoration of this unique ecosystem.

“Vice-President Biden’s visit to the Everglades demonstrates the Obama administration’s continued commitment to restoration throughout the Greater Everglades Ecosystem,” said Eric Draper, Executive Director of Audubon Florida, adding, “Audubon Florida applauds the President’s dedication to progress in our imperiled wetlands.”

A highlight of the Vice-President’s trip is a view of the construction of a bridge over Tamiami Trail, being built to reconnect the freshwater flows from Lake Okeechobee to Florida Bay.

“The Tamiami Trail bridging project is critical to restoring the abundance of life in the Everglades, including iconic Florida birds such as the Roseate Spoonbill and Wood Stork,” said Audubon’s Director of Everglades Policy Julie Hill-Gabriel, adding, “We are excited that Vice-President Biden can witness first-hand the benefits reaped from this sound federal investment.”

The Tamiami Trail project is one of nine Everglades Restoration projects under the leadership of the Obama Administration.

 For more information on some of Audubon’s Everglades priorities, please see the following fact sheets:

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